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Aurum Trust, a family business, was established in 1990 as an independent financial advisory practice. Our comprehensive services include the following: investment advice; retirement planning; medical aid; gap cover; last will and testament; estate planning; income tax assistance; life, disability and trauma cover; and short-term insurance.


We are contracted and licensed, and our highly skilled staff have more than 100 years of experience collectively. Strategic alliances were formed with other professionals like attorneys, accountants and fund managers to assist us with any other issues.

We expect all our advisors, excluding those specialising in short term insurance, to pass the professional exams of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) after graduation.


We provide the following as part of our services:

Revision of investment portfolios as agreed upon. For example monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually

Acting as executor of an estate

Tax returns – if requested

Drawing up of last will and testament

Yearly revision of medical aid and gap cover

Annual review of short term insurance portfolio

Regular revision of total financial portfolio


What do we expect from our clients?

We expect to be notified of any change in circumstances to help us stay up to date with their specific needs. Examples of changes include, among others, change of address, family circumstances, and appetite for risk or risk profile changes.

Succession Planning

We have the necessary plans in place should anybody leave our practice for whatever reason.

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